About Mansoureh

Mansoureh Pourmasoud is a Creative Thinker, RGD (Registered Graphic Designer) Member and Freelance Graphic Designer graduated from St.Lawrence College of Kingston, Canada. She has two undergraduate degrees in Clinical Lab and Agriculture Engineering, but her passion and talent with Art inspired her to continue her education in Graphic Design. During her college studies, she has gained good knowledge of Branding, Packaging Design, Magazine Editorial illustration, Book Cover Design, Web Design, Illustration and a high comfort level utilizing Graphic Design software. She is ready for facing new challenges, eager to learn more and expanding her knowledge about design and it's applications, and always open to new idea and Constructive criticism.

Summary of Qualifications:
  1. Enjoy interacting with people in a friendly and kind manner
  2. Fluent in English and Persian
  3. Strong collaboration and influence skills
  4. Creative, self-motivated and drive to succeed
  5. Adept at balancing the creative process with process efficiency
  6. Over five years business management experience by working in greenhouses
  7. Excellent attention to detail, process orientation and follow-through
  8. Ability to proactively manage, meet and exceed deadlines through resource forecasting
  9. Demonstrate flexibility by accommodating last minute additions or changes to schedules
  10. Ready to face new challenges, eager to learn more and expanding knowledge about design
  11. Open to new idea and constructive criticism
  12. A finalist for the Eastern Ontario Award of Excellence in RGD (Registered Graphic Design) 2014
  13. Honoured to design a 3D catalog for Diversity Works Symposium 2014
  14. High comfort level utilizing Adobe software